ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation Systems Prevents More Than 500,000 lbs. Of Pollutants From Being Emitted During The Quarter

Cullman, AL--(BUSINESS WIRE)— March 31, 2017—Zero RPM Inc., a leading provider of patented vehicle idle mitigation systems, announced today that through its partners and customers, the Idle Mitigation System (IMS) prevented a record 589,000 lbs. of pollutants from being emitted by eliminating over 30,000 idling hours at the worksite during the past 90 days, as tracked by the IMS management tool, Intellimetrics® and based on data supported by the Department of Energy.

Lance Self, CEO of ZeroRPM, stated, “Idle mitigation at the worksite is a great way for commercial and emergency vehicles to contribute to America’s Energy Independence initiative to promote clean air, while reducing fuel costs, excessive engine wear, worksite noise and providing operators with cab comfort without running the vehicle’s engine.”

ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System products are versatile enough to be integrated into a broad range of applications and on light to heavy duty chassis for utility, telecom, ambulance, fire, armored, recreational, police and K9, cranes, service and over-the-road and off-road commercial vehicles. Intellimetrics data indicates that vehicles that typically idle 100 or more hours each quarter are on average saving more than 3 hours per day in unnecessary idling with ZeroRPM’s IMS products and preventing more than 6 tons of pollutants per year from being emitted.

Furthermore, fleet managers across the country using ZeroRPM’s IMS that normally idle 200 or more hours each quarter are on average reducing their idling by more than 4 hours per day and are on track to achieve a payback in less than 3 years and a 5-year ROI in excess of 60%.

About ZeroRPM

Founded in 2012, Zero RPM, Inc. is a leader in idle mitigation system integration that turns commercial service vehicles into hybrids at the worksite. ZeroRPM’s patented Idle Mitigation Systems® (IMS®) using lithium batteries, with a unique blended chemistry of LiFeMnPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), provide fleet managers with the proven, market leading technology to fully automate their vehicles at a worksite for longer periods of time. Through its patented products, ZeroRPM provides A/C and heat airflow through the factory vents for commercial vehicles when the engine is turned off at the worksite. For more information, please visit

About Intellimetrics®

ZeroRPM’s Intellimetrics® software allows customers to track vehicle usage and idle mitigation data at the worksite on a single vehicle or an entire fleet to uncover opportunities to save fuel, reduce pollutants and extend engine life. Intellimetrics uses a secure portal that provides customized reports and graphs of fuel savings, pollutant reduction, and vehicle use. The Intellimetrics vehicular modem also supports IMS® remote firmware updates and the ability for remote technical support and troubleshooting assistance. Intellimetrics service includes 3 years of data collection and transmission service with weekly data uploads. Other reporting frequencies and cellular service plans options are available.

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