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IMS Controller

The “brain” of the system, the IMS Controller governs the operation of the ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System.

Energy Module

In addition to all the great features of the Power Module, the Energy Module features an emergency shutoff switch.

Power Module

This device cranks the engine of your car or truck. It also powers electrical features including lights, radio, and more.

Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner keeps your vehicle from burning fuel as you idle. It also handles the air conditioning, radio, and other electrical features of your vehicle.

Duraflex Solar

Flexible, independent cells mean the Duraflex Solar panel continues to operate even when damaged.

DuraStore Organizer

A sturdy, high-capacity storage locker, the Durastore Organizer is ideal for stowing gear in the back of vehicles that see rough-and-tumble action on a regular basis.



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