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Park and Save
Park and Save
Comparison Chart Generator Silent Power
A gallon of gasoline and a gallon of diesel fuel produce 18.95 lbs and 22.06 lbs of CO2, respectively. ZeroRPM *Lithium-Iron Batteries protect the environment by producing 0 lbs of CO2.
A ZeroRPM Silent Power system weighs about the same as conventional backup generators, but offer a greater level of reliability due to the multi-failure mode design.
A typical generator offers digital operation; it either works or it doesn’t. A ZeroRPM Silent Power System is designed with layered protection through redundant power sources. This means even if one power source fails, the remaining subsystems will continue to support your critical loads.
Scalable Run Time:
Silent Power systems are scalable, allowing you to add more energy and run time for your specific application. If you find that you need more energy, more can be added even after initial installation.
Silent Power doesn’t require you to check fluids, fuel, oil, or filters. All energy is solid state and simply needs to be plugged in and verified to be at 100% everyday before going into duty.
Upfront Cost:
A Silent Power system’s upfront cost is comparable to most water-cooled generators that are sized in similar applications, but Silent Power has a lower lifetime cost.
Lifetime Cost:
Traditional generators require fuel and repeated maintenance to keep them operating. Silent Power is solid state and requires no regular maintenance besides plugging in to charge.

Engine-off A/C

Air conditioning is powered by silent power when the engine is off. A/C can also be powered by shorepower.

Engine-off Heat

Engine off heat can be provided by multiple electric options. Fuel operated heater is also available.

Shore Power Charging

No need to worry about checking fluids, fuel, oil, or filters. simply plug in.

Automatic Recharging Options

Automatically recharge off of the chassis alternator and optional solar panels.

Intelligent Load Shedding

Isolate your most critical loads during silent power operation.

Lithium-Iron Power to all Critical Loads

Using safe lithium-iron* batteries means maximum power with minimum impact to space and payload.

Audible Notifications

Voice annunciator provides an audible system status.

Power Boost

If your chassis batteries die, use power boost to boost off your chassis batteries and get back on the road.

Proven Horsepower at ZeroRPM