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AC 100.100-24

The AC 100.100-24 is a Lithium-Iron*powered A/C unit.This unit is utilized to provide operators with engine-off A/C. Not only does this product offer improved comfort, but it also reduces the need to run the vehicle's engine to power the A/C system. This translates to reduced operating costs for your fleet and protects the environment.

This unit can be charged using the 12V power from an alternator, solar panels, or the internal 110V charger.

Cooling Capacity11,800 BTU (at target evaporator and condenser temp.)
Total Energy3.84 kWh
Usable Energy3.04 kWh
Current Limit Export Primary285A at 100% Duty Cycle at 12V
Current Limit Export Auxiliary285A at 100% Duty Cycle at 24V
Primary Export Voltage12V-14.1V
Export Auxiliary Voltage Auxiliary24V-28.2V
Charge Voltage12V-14.2V
Primary Nominal Voltage12.8V
Auxiliary Nominal Voltage25.6V
Battery Chemistry*Lithium-Iron (LiFeMnPO4)
Number of 12V Battery Packs3
Internal Fuse Rating Battery Protection (Slow Blow)350A
Product Housing MaterialPowder-coated Galvanized Steel with Aluminum Lid
Weight194.0 lbs / 88.0 kg
Charging Temperature Range32°F to 149°F / 0°C to 65°C
Discharge Temperature Range-4°F to 149°F / -20°C to 65°C
A/C Fitting Sizes#8 Pressure / #10 Suction
Compatible Freon TypesR-1234YF or R134a
"Lithium-Iron" is marketing term for ZeroRPM's LiFeMnPO4 packaged energy storage systems.

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