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EM 200-12 IC

The EM 200-12 IC is an all-in-one Idle Mitigation System which provides 2 kWh of usable energy. The unit not only supplies power to connected accessories while the engine is off, but it also manages the start/stop functionality of your vehicle. This reduces the need to idle the engine in order to power accessory loads, which in turn reduces both operating costs and CO2 emissions. Pairing the unit with a ZeroRPM A/C unit enables engine-off air conditioning; it can also provide engine-off heat when used in conjunction with an accessory heater. The EM 200-IC uses lightweight lithium-iron batteries. This chemistry makes our battery technology among the safest on the market. The unit features quick disconnects which isolate power to the unit in an emergency. This unit can be charged using the 12V power from an alternator or solar pannels.

Proven Horsepower at ZeroRPM