ZeroRPM IMS Solutions
ZeroRPM provides Idle Mitigation Systems for vehicles ranging from a Fiesta insurance vehicle to a Freightliner bucket truck. Software driven, our fully integrated systems improve the way our customers work. ZeroRPM's IIMS Conserve Fuel, Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Operator Comfort & Safety, and Protect the Environment.

You may not realize just how much time is spent idling in the course of day-to-day operations. This leads to wasted fuel which in turn leads to wasted money. ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation System cuts operating costs substantially while delivering unshakable reliability in the most crucial of situations. The ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System allows the vehicle to idle without running the engine. This in turn lets the operator use heat, air conditioning, radio, and auxiliary power with no hassle.

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When the stakes are so high the last thing you need is heavy fuel expenses. Save lives and save money.


When half the work day is spent with the vehicle sitting still, the savings you’ll see will be tremendous.


Sitting at the depot, waiting on a call. On the scene, deploying a ladder. Whatever the case may be, a great deal of a fire truck’s service life is spent idling.


Is your client taking too long to arrive? Get some work done in air conditioned comfort.


Keep your canine officers safe and cool while keeping your operating expenses low.


Whether on the battlefield or in a disaster area, don’t let idle fuel consumption slow your advance.


Whether directing traffic or on highway patrol, idling a bike uses money that’s better spent elsewhere.


The team is on the scene as a big story unfolds. The van idles as technicians monitor the feed in air conditioned comfort. Unfortunately, gas is being used the whole time.


Whether staked out on the highway or responding to a call, a patrol car remains still for much of the day. Unfortunately, an idling engine is an active engine. This wasted fuel translates into wasted money.


Whether fixing a downed line or installing a new one, a telecom truck must remain at idle. You don't have to lose money on day-to-day operation.


A service truck can do its job without idling constantly. Save money without sacrificing performance.

Work Truck

Perhaps you need to run a cable from your work truck to a client’s building. Maybe you’re crossing items off a checklist while running the A/C. Either way, the vehicle sits idling.



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