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Idle Mitigation

Auxiliary automotive power and cabin climate management while delivering unshakable reliability in the most crucial of situations.
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Grid Management

ZeroRPM’s lithium ion battery banks provide safe, efficient power for large-scale use. Cut down the size of your electric bill with our line of patented designs.

Consumer Products

Here you’ll find small-scale devices for use at the office and around the house.

More Applications

Our business partners have created several technologies that supplement the rest of our product line. Examples include the DuraStore organizer and the DuraFlex solar system.

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Fleet Payback Estimator

Determine the return on your investment using a wide variety of customizable parameters.


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Get a customized IMS solution geared toward your specific needs.


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Electric idle makes work trucks more e…

    Alabama Power employee Kevin Sanderson is pictured next to a company vehicle. With this new technology, Alabama Power becomes the first electric utility in the nation to use this feature which will simultaneously reduce engine emissions and fuel usage on bucket trucks and customer service vehicles. Fleet owners are revved up...

How Standing Idle is Setting You Back

Pop quiz: Which uses more fuel and produces more emissions – letting a passenger car idle for 15 seconds or turning off a car and restarting it after 15 seconds? If you answered that restarting the car uses more fuel, you would not be alone. Most people believe that starting is...

Altec Announces Alliance Agreement wit…

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Altec Inc. announced today a strategic alliance agreement with ZeroRPM Inc. to provide high-efficiency work truck solutions to the electric utility, telecommunications and construction industries. Altec and ZeroRPM will provide enhanced idle mitigation and hybrid systems on work trucks to provide customers...


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