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You know that an armored vehicle consumes a large amount of fuel while driving. However, you may not realize that the stop-and-go nature of the job means a great deal of fuel and money are wasted as the vehicle idles.

The ZeroRPM® Idle Mitigation System® decreases the amount of fuel spent while idling, allowing the truck to remain stationary for extended periods while making pickups and deliveries. When half the work day is spent with the vehicle sitting still, the savings you see will be tremendous.

Reduces Operating Costs
Conserves fuel spent while idling and lessens wear on the engine, extending the service life of the vehicle.
Protects the Environment
By reducing engine idle, fewer greenhouse gases are produced.
Improves Driver Safety and Comfort
Allows the use of heat, air conditioning, radio and auxiliary power without running the engine. Brake pedal start enables ignition without turning the key.
Multi-zone Climate Control
In vehicles with multiple cabins, our dual-compressor cooling system maintains temperatures in each area.
Multiple Recharge Options
Use the chassis alternator, optional solar panels, and various shore power scenarios that extend the availability of IMS® features.
Guided Installation
A ZeroRPM technician will provide on-site instruction to your technicians on the proper integration of the Idle Mitigation System. This includes a demonstration of all components and their functions as well as comprehensive maintenance instructions. Upon completion of the training process, your personnel will be able to perform future IMS® installations on their own.
Full-service Installation
The vehicle will be delivered to the ZeroRPM facility in Cullman, AL, where the entire installation process will be performed. A ZeroRPM representative will perform an in-service inspection showing your representative the locations of all components of the Idle Mitigation System, and will describe their operation. Our representative will then provide your personnel with a demonstration of the IMS as well as comprehensive maintenance instructions.



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