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PM 100-12 ID

ZeroRPM® Energy Modules provide energy to the vehicle's chassis for powering lights, radios, computers, and other electrical loads using safe Lithium-Iron (LiFeMnPO4) battery chemistry. ZeroRPM Energy Modules contain both an internal fuse and an internal disconnect to protect the Lithium-Iron batteries. Energy Modules may be used independently with a controller for basic idle mitigation and chassis power, or coupled with an A/C unit to provide more hours of idle mitigation.

Total Energy1.28 kWh
Usable Energy1.02 kWh
Current Limit Export Primary285A at 100% Duty Cycle at 12V
Primary Export Voltage12V-14.1V
Charge Voltage12V-14.2V
Nominal Voltage Primary12.8V
Battery Chemistry*Lithium-Iron (LiFeMnPO4)
Number of 12V Battery Packs1
Internal Fuse Rating Battery Protection (Slow Blow)300A
Product Housing MaterialPowder-coated Aluminum
Dimensions (inches)12.05" (W) x 9.38" (D) x 10.20" (H)
Weight41.5 lbs / 18.8 kg
Charging Temperature Range32°F to 149°F / 0°C to 65°C
Discharge Temperature Range-4°F to 149°F / -20°C to 65°C

"Lithium-Iron" is marketing term for ZeroRPM's LiFeMnPO4 packaged energy storage systems.

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