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EM 400-12 ID

The EM 400-12 ID is a safe and space efficient solution when you want to add 12V-lithium power to your vehicle. This module is designed to power lights, radios, computers, inverters and other electronics to reduce the idling required by your vehicle. Energy Modules may be added in parallel to increase the run time of your system. The EM 400-12 ID uses lightweight *lithium-iron batteries. This chemistry makes our battery technology among the safest on the market. This unit can be charged using 12V power from an alternator, solar panels, or other 12V power source.

Total Energy5.12 kWh
Usable Energy4.10 kWh
Current Limit Export400A @ 100% Duty Cycle @ 12V
Export Voltage12V-14.1V
Charge Voltage12V-14.2V
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Battery Chemistry*Lithium-Iron (LiFeMnPO4)
Internal Fuse Rating (Slow-blow)400A
Product Housing MaterialPowder-coated Galvanized Steel and Aluminum
Weight~140.0lbs / ~63.5kg
Charging Temperature Range*32°F to 140°F / 0°C to 60°C
Discharge Temperature Range*-4°F to 150°F / -20°C to 65.6°C

"Lithium-Iron" is marketing term for ZeroRPM's LiFeMnPO4 packaged energy storage systems.

*Temperatures are based on software versions 4.94.00 and later with battery SOC of >40%.

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